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 Facts about the Danish Home Guard

  • The Home Guard is a volunteer military organisation.
  • The Home Guard had 43,374 members as of August 2022.
  • The active force had 13,485 volunteer soldiers as of August 2022. The remaining volunteers belong to the Home Guard Reserve.
  • Approximately 15 percent of all volunteer soldiers are women.
  • The task of the Home Guard is to support the Armed Forces – nationally as well as internationally.  In addition, the Home Guard supports the police, the emergency services and other authorities in carrying out their duties.
  • 1,572 people applied for enrollment in the Home Guard, and 1,028 volunteers signed a contract in 2021.
  • 66 percent of the new volunteers were aged 18-32.
  • The appropriation allocated to the Home Guard in the Finance Bill amounted to 526,2 m. DKK in 2021.

 The Volunteers in the Danish Home Guard

The members of the Home Guard take part in the defence and support of the country on a voluntary and unpaid basis.
​Men and women from the age of 18 can apply for membership. A military background is not necessary. The wish to participate is more important.
When membership has been granted, members are admitted into one of the following branches:

 Dual Leadership

The Home Guard has a dual military - civilian leadership:


The Commander of the Home Guard, major general Jens Garly, is responsible for the training and deployment of units and also for the overall supervision of the Home Guard 

The Commissioner of the Danish Home Guard, Søren Gade, is responsible for recruitment and gaining support for the Home Guard in the Danish population.



 Home Guard Mission

​We contribute to the defence and protection of Denmark by providing a credible and flexible capability to deliver military volunteer forces that benefit society's needs in all circumstances.

 Home Guard Vision

​We strive to be an attractive and credible military partner for all who take part in the defence and protection of Denmark.

We want to develop and apply our capacities as part of the collective emergency preparedness.

We want to create relevant and challenging activities for our volunteers in order to motivate the will to assist.

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