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Danish Home Guard soldier shoots at 1000 meters

The Home Guard supports The Danish Hunter Corps

Several units from Home Guard District North Jutland helped the Danish Hunter Corps with a course for aspirants to the Corps and American soldiers participating in the course.

During the last week, 14-20 Home Guard soldiers have been assisting as hunter force or assisting the American soldiers with their local knowledge of the geography of Vendsyssel.
The Detachment Commander of the American soldiers explains: “The purpose for my team to participate in this exercise is to learn how to cooperate with The Danish Hunter Corps about communication and operation technique. We are very satisfied with the support from the local members of the Home Guard.”
This weekend the Home Guard soldiers have set the target up for a field shooting range in Tranum. The American soldiers have trained shooting at long distance (1.000 to 1.200 meters).
Preparing for shooting
Saturday morning it was raining and the wind was coming hard from west with about 10 meters per second, so it was very nice weather conditions for a day at the shooting area. One of the soldiers advised the other soldiers in how to shoot, but sometimes it was difficult because of the wind. 

The Danish Home Guards soldiers from the Vendsyssel unit also had to try out the sniper rifles, and they managed to hit the target, that were approximately 1.000 – 1.200 meters away.
“It has been a very fine day for us here in Tranum. We do not have the possibility to shoot in this kind of environment back home, so we learned a lot today”, The Detachment Commander declared.
Shooting at long distance with sniper gun


Friday colonel Mogens Bech visited and got a chance to talk to both the American and Danish soldiers. He was particularly interested in hearing about the courses first week and the soldiers’ impression.

Shooting from driving vehicle
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